Profile : Big Boy Restaurant

During my time at PP+K, I worked with a few well-established brands. I became most familiar with Big Boy, a northern restaurant chain which began as a burger joint. Below are a sample of ads I worked on for various print mediums, such as newspapers, community handouts, and point-of-purchase displays.

Following that is a long-term project I was part of. Big Boy was approaching 80 years in business, and needed a new mark to represent the milestone. Three of us worked to develop marks, each exploring a variety of perspectives. I latched onto motifs representing the "classic" America, leading me to the 1950s, a bit later than the true 80-year mark, but better conveying the classic Americana Big Boy thrived from.

Below are the original explorations, and the distillations which followed. The approach we decided upon pulls visual cues from neon signs, the original symbol of drive-in burger joints when they first emerged on America's roadways. The final mark is one of three submitted to Big Boy for selection and further revisions.