Profile : East Meets West Banners

These posters were designed for the ‘Legends of China’ Silk Banner Competition, then silkscreened onto silk provided by the competition. The overarching themes were peace and ‘East meets West.’ ‘Balance’ took first place in the competition. Both went on a circuit of China's universities.

Title : Balance

The fundamental concept of this piece is balance, inspired by and represented as yin-yang. While the moon rises in the East, it sets in the West. This duality is essential to the cycles of the planet, keeping her at peace. The poster then focuses on commonalities between the East and West. Natural symbols of peace and serenity, mountains are found in both countries, represented by the Himalayas and Sierra Nevada. Man-made monuments are represented by the Temple of Universal Peace (Puning Temple) and the United States Institute of Peace.

Title : Close

Even in the vastness of space, similarities and closeness can be found between the East and West. In the history of the planet, it was not long ago that the Bering Land Bridge joined the East with the West geographically. While this bridge has become submerged, the gap is still relatively small. Symbolically, both flags are represented. The blue, red, and white stars can be found from the U.S. flag, as well as the red with yellow stars of the Chinese flag.